About HMA SA

Horticultural Media Association (SA) Inc was formed in 1994. It provides an opportunity for people engaged in the various forms of the horticultural media to meet together to enhance and develop their roles as media professionals.

While some presenters and writers are employed by large media organisations and have ample opportunity to network with colleagues, most work in isolation – that is, they are self-employed persons often working from home-based offices – and have little day-to-day contact with others in the same field. HMA (SA) Inc has been very effective in bringing media people, including writers, radio and television presenters, photographers and others in associated fields, together in an enjoyable and rewarding way.

HMA (SA) Inc has an elected executive committee which meets bi-monthly prior to bi-monthly general meetings.

The general meetings held throughout the year give members an opportunity to network, socialise and to hear presentations from various representatives of horticultural and allied industries. An atmosphere of fun and bonhomie is always a part of HMA (SA) activities.

Aims & Objectives
1. To establish and maintain a permanent and substantial network for gardening and horticultural media workers throughout South Australia for the benefit of the whole horticultural industry in Australia.
2. To define and carry out the objectives for the horticultural multi-media in South Australia.
3. To establish policy guidelines and a code of ethics in South Australia for disseminating horticultural information in an equitable manner across a range of media platforms.
4. To encourage, co-ordinate and involve the horticultural trade and community based gardening groups with activities within the Association in South Australia, particularly in relation to the promotion of projects and products of community interest to gardeners and plantsfolk.
5. To liaise and work with government and with any organizations and groups in furtherance of the before mentioned objects of the Association.
6. To seek the support of other organizations, businesses and the community generally for the before mentioned objects of the Association.